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Brand Concept

Brand concept (1)

Longway inherits the longway spirit

Life is long, some people will be used to do all kinds ofThings; But also very short, we choose to insist on doing wellOne more thing. Longway people stick to their own path,For users to create a good experience of one-stop packaging material procurementPlatform and keep trying.

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Insist on being the spokesperson of beautiful packaging

Since its establishment in 2010, longway packaging has never forgotten its original intention.Adhere to the heart for each user to create their ownSexualized packaging. Pursue originality and quality of the process, build Comfortable and natural living experience.

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Keep up with The Times

The future is the era of interconnection and sharing, longway people keep up with The Times The pace, from manufacturing to marketing, controls each ring Section of the refined operation. Service users in Internet mode Shorten the distance between suppliers and customers.

Factory introduction

Longway Team

Longway Cosmetics Packaging Design Team

Design team

Owning professional R&D force and design team. We have 5 engineers responsable for product apperance and structure, 7 moulding engineers who offered us a complete chain from product design to moulding making, which ensured the merchandise quality Accord ing to the experience from clients, our design team combined with new and efficient production technology to meet the customer’s high-end customization requirements.

Operations team

The longway operation team is a young and passionate team,We are committed to improving our Professional knowledge and professional abilities,To continuously provide quality service for users.
The company now employs 430 people.We use professional technology to help users achieve thegoal of accurate procurement,
and strive to build a one-stop shopping platform for cosmetics packaging.



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